Manager, Grant Writer

Air Company

Brooklyn, NY, US
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Marketing/PR/Product Mktg
  • Industry: Technology
  • Post Date: 09/21/2022
  • Website:
  • Company Address: 187 Lafayette St, New York, 10013, US

About Air Company

Air Company is a technology, engineering and design company based in New York. We have invented a patented carbon conversion technology that transforms carbon dioxide (CO2) into impurity-free, carbon-negative alcohols and fuels. Through innovation, we seek to demonstrate to the world the limitless potential of carbon technology solutions.

Job Description

Air Company is a carbon technology and design company based in New York City. Our proprietary technology mimics photosynthesis, utilizing excess carbon dioxide (CO2)  and transforming it into impurity-free alcohols that can be used to create ultra-refined consumer products and fuels

Over the next three years, we’re focused on scaling our technology globally to be the leading carbon utilization company on the planet to achieve our CO2 mitigation goals. We will be applying our innovative technology across a multitude of industries, consistently delivering solutions to promote a vital and equitable future.


We are looking for a Manager, Grant Writer  to join our team. This role will report to our Director of Engineering. The position will lead the effort in seeking relevant RFPs and funding opportunities announcements and serving as the primary author and final application submitter by coordinating with several departments across the organization; R&D, Engineering, Marketing, Legal and Product Development. This role will be based at Air Company’s Innovation Center located in Brooklyn, New York.

This person will be highly motivated and creative with clear and compelling writing skills to manage and lead our efforts in satisfying the detailed writing requirements associated with RFPs and grant applications. Preference will be given to candidates with demonstrated success in writing proposals and grant applications in the area of gas to liquids process technologies and/or related syn-gas conversions.

At Air Company we value employees for their unique perspectives. We are an inclusive Equal Employment Opportunity employer we consider applicants without regard to gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disabled or veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. 

Job Requirements

  • Writing
    • Quickly understand the scope of proposals and develop a rapid work-flow for compiling data/visualizations/tables,  generating outlines and drafts. 
    • Use the company's project management tools to organize writing campaigns and communicate across teams. Provide editorial support and oversight if necessary.
    • Understand how to frame technical R&D and business data, KPIs and metrics in a compelling way using benchmark and state-of-art analysis suitable for targeted and broad investor, business and scientific audiences.
    • Extract, leverage and include the strong ESG impact (e.g. environmental social justice, job-training, inclusion & diversity) within proposal applications.
    • Organize application packages thoroughly satisfying all review criteria, provide strong nomenclature while writing clearly, succinctly and coherently on all science and technical engineering principles.
  • Management
    • Locate and track all relevant RFP solicitations, private and government funding announcements.
    • Pull teams together of varying stakeholder compositions involving private business, national labs, non-profit research centers and/or universities
    • Provide project management and coordination (schedule meetings internal/external, milestones, risk)
    • Provide communication and regular updates across the organization on the RFP queue status, outstanding performance data and tasks.
    • Coordinate with third party vendors and partners for key enabling services and/or technology. 
    • Develop external relationships with representatives from key funding sources promoting Air Company and gaining a deeper understanding of RFP solicitation processes.
    • Serve as a positive motivator for the team, staying optimistic, but realistic with a positive attitude.  Build on lessons learned in an agile iterative workflow for each writing campaign.

Preferred Skills

  • Bachelor's, Masters or Ph.D. degrees in science and/or engineering discipline required. Strong preference given to candidates with a minor in English, journalism or  technical writing
  • Experience with organizing work as projects and using project management tools (e.g. MS Project, Notion, Asana)
  • Reasonable successful proposal count (overall winning %). A submitted proposal list or portfolio upon request is a plus.
  • Organizational skills enabling teams to maintain compliance, deadlines, deliverables, as well as, tracking team member project hours.
  • Familiarity and experience writing applications for RFPs and funding opportunities published by offices and agencies at the federal funding level in the area of carbon utilization (CU) processes and related technologies such as DOE, NSF, DOD, DOT, EPA, SBA  as well as, state (e.g. NYSERDA),  international foundations and team competitions.
  • Proficient at document software (e.g. Word, Excel, Docs, Sheets, PowerPoint, Viseo)
  • Team player with a strong passion for fostering a safe collaborative work environment

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