Senior Hydrogen Storage Engineer (Cryogenic Materials)

Universal Hydrogen

Toulouse, FR
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Engineering Hardware
  • Industry: Technology
  • Post Date: 01/11/2022
  • Website:
  • Company Address: , Los Angeles, CA

About Universal Hydrogen

Universal Hydrogen is making carbon-free aviation a reality.

Job Description

Aviation faces an existential crisis due to its climate impact, with no apparent roadmap for meaningful carbon reduction, yet alone meeting Paris Agreement emissions targets. That is where Universal Hydrogen comes in, a California-based startup with a burgeoning engineering center in Toulouse, France. Founded and led by former top Airbus and Boeing executives, our first product is to convert existing regional aircrafts to hydrogen fuel cell powertrains for entry into service by 2025. Secondly, our aspiration is to fuel those aircrafts with our revolutionary modular capsule-based logistics network, which seamlessly links hydrogen production with consumption without costly fixed infrastructure. Then we have our eyes set on fueling a hydrogen single aisle. 

We are developing a state-of-the-art uncooled liquid hydrogen storage system that will be able to store hydrogen without venting for over 40 hours. This storage life is achieved through the use of a specially insulated dual walled aluminium capsule that allows the pressure inside to build up without exhausting the boil-off. You will play a key role in translating the architecture into a detailed design, building and testing prototypes, and iterating on the design.

About the Role

  • Optimize the detailed design of liquid storage capsules, in particular how composite materials can be used to achieve the desired performance.
  • Build and test (including developing testing protocols for) prototype storage capsules.
  • Work with the suppliers and provide technical guidance during development and manufacturing on the use of composite materials in cryogenic storage systems.
  • On an ongoing basis, identify the ways in which design and manufacture might be improved, and then develop and deploy these improvements.

About You

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science or related discipline.
  • Advanced working knowledge of the properties and mechanics of composites and cryogenic insulation.
  • Understanding of the chemical and structural properties of non-metallic materials that are impervious to hydrogen, and the manufacture of composite components.
  • Extensive experience in the research, development, and manufacture of pressurized storage vessels (with emphasis on development of and manufacture).
  • Fluency with materials and structural analysis, design, and simulation software, e.g., Comsol, Nastran.
  • Ability to work in multidisciplinary teams, and to convey detailed technical concepts in a clear and concise manner

About Us

At Universal Hydrogen, our mission is to fuel carbon-free flight and reduce the climate impact of air travel. Since we believe this needs to be a transatlantic effort, harnessing the talent and skills of a global workforce, we are rapidly scaling up engineering centers in Los Angeles, California and in France. These centers function as fully integrated, collaborative teams devoted to all aspects of propulsion, storage, and certification.

Our mission is to create an end-to-end hydrogen value chain for aviation, both for hydrogen fuel and hydrogen-powered airplanes. To accomplish that, we are building a transport and logistics network that moves hydrogen from production facilities to airports over the existing freight infrastructure, eliminating the need for costly new pipelines and storage facilities. Our system utilizes specialized capsules that safely store hydrogen during transit and also act as modular fuel tanks that load directly onto aircraft. We are also developing powertrain conversion kits to retrofit existing airplanes and enable new airplanes to fly on hydrogen. Founded by former executives from Airbus, United Technologies, Google, and DARPA, and backed by global investors such as Playground Global, Coatue, Airbus, Toyota, and JetBlue, we are convinced that hydrogen is the best and only scalable solution to truly decarbonize aviation, and we want to bring it to market decades sooner—by 2025.

We strive for a culture that is empowered, collaborative, open, and human-centered. We are driven by a sense of urgency to address climate change through the near-term decarbonization of commercial aviation. We recognize that people have a diverse set of preferences for work conditions and hours that optimize for their overall productivity and wellness, and both our cloud-based IT setup and remote work policy reflects this. However, because we are building physical products, most roles will require working at one of our on-airport facilities most of the time.

Our compensation and benefits package promotes transparency, equitability, and long-term employee well-being, while rewarding individual and team performance. This includes significant variable incentive pay and equity participation for all salaried employees, employer-paid health insurance coverage, generous parental leave, pet-friendly work environment, and generous paid time off. As a young company, we are actively working to expand the benefits we provide—including childcare, retirement, parental, and mental health benefits—and we’re always open to feedback on what’s most important to you. 

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